Temperature Quilt update

Temperature Quilt update

We are a week into 2023 and I thought it timely to show you my progress with the Temperature quilt. After a hot start to the month of January we have had a cool spell with a week of hot weather predicted from today.

I have chosen to do flying geese design using the Triangles on a Row™ methodology. The small triangles represent the minimum temperature and the centre triangle (which is meant to represent a goose in flight) is the maximum temperature for that day. 

Using Triangles on a roll for Flying Geese™ (which I've had sitting on my sewing table for many years and do not think you can purchase anymore!) has enabled me to make long rows of flying geese blocks - keeping them accurate and perfectly straight. I plan to have each month in a long row with each finished block measuring 2.5" x 4.5" when finished - so the length of the quilt will be roughly 77 inches. I'll work out later how to fill in the gaps created when the month has less that 31 days.

I'm using our local weather station (it sits on our neighbour's property) to obtain my temperatures which I write on the Moda fabrics template Moda Temperature Quilt Planner.indd (modafabrics.com)

I'm using the Bella Solids currently available at our store (Bella Solids- Sold as 0.25cm increments. – theruralstitchco) with a change in colour for every four degrees. 

  • 0-3.9°C        Nautical Blue 9900-236
  • 4.0-7.9°C     Spray 9900-263
  • 8.0-11.9°C   Grass 9900-101
  • 12.0-15.9°C Summer House Lime 9900-173
  • 16.0-19.9°C Sunshine 9900-130
  • 20.0-23.9°C Amelia’s Apricot 9900-162
  • 24.0-27.9°C Betty’s Pink 9900-120
  • 28.0-31.9°C Tea Rose 9900-89
  • 32.0-35.9°C Geranium 9900-258
  • 36.0-39.9°C Betty’s Red 9900-123
  • 40.0-43.9°C Country Red 9900-17
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